There I was, innocently minding my own business in a country full of polar bears and moose hide bikinis, when a wormhole appeared and sucked me into tumblr. Now I've fallen into Bering and Wells and I can't get up.

Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Defiance, Castle, Star Trek, et al.This blog also features random bursts of tv-shows, movies, books, quotes, and photography that I like.

[Disclaimer: I blame this entire blog on Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly.]

Have some flowers, and a puppy, and some spying

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Fic: Fade Away [1/?]


Fandom: Warehouse 13

Pairing: Bering and Wells

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Warehouse 13, the world and the characters that inhabit it do not belong to me in any way, though sometimes I lie awake at night wishing that they did and what I’d do with them if they did. And then I write those…




When you are about to fall asleep and you do the thing


Here’s a whole gif dedicated to Jaime’s back just because you guys are so adorable.


Badlands, South Dakota


Two words: Borg IM’ing. Thank threeofeight.


In case the gif is too fast:

Somewhere in Federation space…
Five: Myka, Kathryn and Seven have entered this sector.
Myka: Mmm, that’s lovely Five, but I’m trying to sleep.
Five: Seven wishes to know if we will be visiting. She requires a rematch in Velocity.
Myka: Five, it is… 0347 hours and we both have a duty shift at 0600.
Five: But Seven requires an answer-
Myka: We will visit if it lets me sleep.
Across the sector… 
Seven: Kathryn, Myka and Five will be visiting.
Kathryn: Seven, it’s 0348 and we have a duty shift at 0600.
Seven: Five is inquiring when we would like to reschedule the Velocity-
Kathryn: Oh for Christ’s sake.

Paracelsus Totally Stole Claudia’s Idea


because they should have done better than ‘time travel hurts my head’


"You missed a huge adventure," Myka says as soon as her call is picked up.

"Did the world almost end again?" Helena asks through a muffled yawn.

It’s 9 AM. Helena doesn’t sleep in, which means wherever she is, she’s not in Wisconsin.

"No…just changed," Myka replies. "But we changed it back."

"Without me?" Helena says, but her indignance is lost in her drowsiness.

"It was a last minute thing. Besides, I thought you didn’t do this sort of thing anymore."

Helena chuckles softly. “Right. Too much temptation.”

"That’s not what I meant," Myka says quickly.

"I know what you mean."

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The only thing you need to see.. Peter dinklage and Lena Heady hula hooping at a gay bar.

Vote now! Myka Bering vs. Lauren Lewis in The Hunger Games championship! -





Myka totally deserves to win!! Go and vote!

This is literally the worst choice ever. My favorite blonde awkward kind of broken but still so strong human doctor, or my favorite brunette awkward very broken but still so strong secret service agent. Seriously Afterellen ladies, y’all are EVIL. 

But I’m sorry Lauren, Warehouse 13 is ending and I need this. I’m voting Myka all the way. 

Yeah I love me some Lauren. I love me some lauren very much but I have to give my vote to Myka. 

There it is. I have to chose between Myka and Lauren. Oh goddness forgive me.




- Okay. Off on the wrong foot…

Hi, I’m Pete Lattimer, special agent from Warehouse 13.”

- …Lisa da Vinci. Agent from Warehouse 9. -

okay but IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE GIANT. FUCKING. PURPLE. BIRDi mean i always assumed the forerunner to purple goowas some kind of powderyou know something they’d HAVE in Alexander’s timethat they found had supressing powersid from a plant or maybe just a type of sand or somethingBUT NOPETURNS OUT ITS A FLYING PURPLE DINOSAUR BIRD*sings One Eyed One Horned Flying Artifact Eater*idekWarehouse 135x01. - Race


although it’s probably synthetic or some shit now also can we please talk about how Myka is INSTANTLY DISTRACTED BY HOT GENIUS BRITISH CHICKS IT’S LIKE THEY’RE HER FUCKING WEAKNESS oh my god she’s trying to kill— oh wait what was that? you’re related to da vinci? that’s FACINATING maybe we can discuss this over a boar leg and a goblet of wine? Uh Mykes? We kind of have a thing- shut up Pete i’m busy MYKA BERING LOVER OF ALL THE BRITISH BAMFS (Redlance)

Myka’s history-lady-boner could pretty much be seen from space


Ok,off on the wrong foot/All right,let’s start this thing over


"Well, if it protects the Warehouse, I like it already. What is it?"


2x01 vs 5x01, meeting HG Wells and Lisa da Vinci