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Fic rec: Perhaps not to be




Yet again, this fandom’s penchant for throwing ourselves into a giant pit of tears rears its stupid beautiful gut-wrenching head in the form of a rather lengthy not-quite fix-it fic. HG-centric, lots of Claudia, lots of feelings, many of them of the Bering and Wells variety.

Go. Read. Shoo.

Oh, hi there, that’s mine. Thought that title sounded familiar. But, yes, “a rather lengthy not-quite fix-it fic… lots of feelings, many of them of the Bering and Wells variety” ispretty damn accurate, yeah.

I just finished this at alittlebitaces’ urging, and I’d go so far as to say that it has EASILY some of the best characterisation I’ve read in this fandom, if not any fandom - managed to keep the whole essence of a character and her interactions with the team as real as ever, without her even being tangible. You really captured them, you clever bugger, and it’s a minefield of feels and loveliness and I urge anyone who loves well-written fanfic to read this, because it’s a little marvel, and I want to frame it and put it on my wall and give it a kiss goodnight every day. 

That was the most amazing slap (or rather punch) to my face I have ever experienced. I haven’t got words to describe it properly so I’ll have to settle for beautifully writen and utterly heartbreaking - but with an end that is the happiest kind of sad. Thank you so much for writing this.

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