There I was, innocently minding my own business in a country full of polar bears and moose hide bikinis, when a wormhole appeared and sucked me into tumblr. Now I've fallen into Bering and Wells and I can't get up.

Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Defiance, Castle, Star Trek, et al.This blog also features random bursts of tv-shows, movies, books, quotes, and photography that I like.

[Disclaimer: I blame this entire blog on Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly.]

Have some flowers and a puppy and some spying

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Jan a.k.a. Jaime in bed

Oh oooookay, hold on, back up, FREEEEZE. Jan is about Jaime’s character BEING PHOTOGRAPHED JUST AFTER SEX!?!?!? Meaning she’s in bed looking all…after sexy!?!? How did I miss this!? And Jan is pretty cute too! *proceeds to next episode*

Show Notes